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DW +  Favorite Scenes

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rtd era + terrifying moments [2/?]

↳the impossible planet

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who’s excited?!  (x)


who’s excited?!  (x)

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Moffat’s Women - Lorna Bucket

Lorna Bucket is the only character for whom the assumption that her life revolves around the Doctor is credible… and it’s shown to have devastating consequences. Her story is a mirror image to Amy’s - the girl the Doctor didn’t come back for, for whom the Doctor is a story, not the whimsical tale of the Raggedy Man but a dark legend of a Great Warrior. And so it doesn’t have a happy ending.

Lorna hides a love for danger under her quiet demeanour, following the Doctor’s name and the promise of the excitement it carries all the way to joining an army. Moreover, she’s observant and knowledgable, with an attention to detail.  “She was very brave”, Vastra describes her when asked who Lorna was and that’s undoubtedly true, but she is more than that. Above all, her kindness rules her courage - and at no point is that clearer than when she brings Amy the prayer leaf.



(The 26 worst episodes of the 2013-14 television season, part 1 The A.V. Club)

favorite character meme → [2/4] relationships
↳ amy and her daughter

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